The Luxi One Mattress

Deal Score+3
Deal Score+3

The Luxi One Mattress

Affordable Luxury
The Luxi One is our most affordable luxury foam mattress. While it doesn’t have the at-home customization options of the Luxi 3-in-1, it’s still made with the essential shape-matching technology for the optimal level of firmness, cooling, breathability, and comfort.

Sleep Meets Science. Comfort Meets Convenience.
Shape-Matching Technology is a pressure-releasing grid placed inside the Luxi Mattresses. Made from high performance foam and functions like independent, pocketed coils. When weight is applied, the foam column will collapse under that weight. But as weight lifts, the material will spring back at the body filling any void or curve with perfect support.

Relieves Pressure In All Sleep Positions
Compared to other bed-in-box options, Shape-Matching Technology enhances your sleep by relieving pressure where you feel it most. Filling any curve or void with the perfect amount of support but soft enough to be gentle where you need it most.

Pressure map tests shows the results of Shape-Matching Technology for pressure relief and weight distribution. Perfect mapping in every sleep postion!

“The Shape-Matching layer does a fantastic job of supporting weight in a number of different positions, which ensures that you’ll feel plenty of pressure relief regardless of your sleep position.”

Easy Set-Up
Luxi Mattress’s are compressed, rolled and packed in a box for easy delivery and setup. Usually ships within 3-5 days and shipping is free.

Medium-Soft Feel
Designed for every body type and sleeping style by filling any curve with the perfect amount of support but soft enough to be gental where you need it most.



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  1. Grace
    Best options and top customer care
    Purchasing a mattress from Luxi was a great decision for my husband and me. We have significant differences in our height, weight, and overall sleeping preferences. Luxi is the only option we found that enabled us to keep our queen bed with one mattress and yet meet our unique needs. As far as customer service, the staff at Luxi delivered on their promise to maximize comfort, even when it meant replacing one layer of my side with a “softer” option. My husband is enjoying his side of the bed with the firmest option. The staff was responsive in a timely manner, particularly by e-mail. They worked together “beyond the call of duty” to assist me in attaining a specialized invoice that I needed!

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